Do You Ministry

Proverbs 3:26 – “The Lord shall be thy confidence”

Developing Outstanding Youth to be Optimistic and Unbeatable (Do You)

The Do You Ministry targets middle-school age kids with a purpose of encouraging them to discuss life’s challenges and to promote self-confidence by instilling the following principles:

  • Do You! Love God with all your heart.
  • Do You! Love yourself and know that you are special
  • Do You! Love and respect others.
  • Do You! Be ambitious. Set and achieve your goals

The vision of Do You is to let preteens know that they matter and to provide them with a place where they are able to voice their opinions without judgement.

The overall mission is to enable preteens to reach their full potential by empowering them through education, mentoring and spiritual guidance.

The Do You Ministry meets every 2nd and 4th Sunday during Children’s church and also hosts quarterly fellowships.

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In addition to learning about God’s Word, people and places in the Bible, we will also be discussing real life issues and how they relate to God’s Word. Therefore, we encourage parental involvement by asking questions or providing suggestions for topics to discuss with the youth during meetings.

Ministry Leaders

Johnny and April Armstrong

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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